Role of Information Technology Capabilities on Product Innovation Performance: Mediating Role of Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • Abdul Wahab . 1MS Scholar, Department of Management Sciences, Abasyn University Peshawar
Keywords: Information Technology capabilities (IT Cap),, product innovation performance (PIP), Corporate Entrepreneurship (CE).


Despite the surplus studies demonstrating the significance of information technology capabilities in business growth with innovation, the knowledge of the approaches through which such benefits can be attained and their connections, expertise, and influence to other organizational and managerial aspects are yet limited. Purpose: To fill the research gap by studying the relationship between Information technology capabilities and business innovation within corporate entrepreneurial activities and also examining the mediating effect of Corporate Entrepreneurship, its sustainable approach at managerial level and contribution in market research towards emerging demands of IT. This study is also focusing on the skills, processes, and modifications to achieve such goals; also the implications for the managers dealing with product innovations in dynamic organizations. Design: Selected design for this study is descriptive in nature following a quantitative approach with stratified random sampling technique. The data is collected from 315 IT executive and managers from the population of 50 manufacturing firms in Karachi, Pakistan. Findings: Using data collected from the concerned population in the dynamic business environment, Researcher found the corporate entrepreneurship partially mediating the correlation between product innovation performance and information technology capabilities in an organization. These variables being studied are the observed elements of organizational progress and success; and their impacts on innovation, growth, and success are recognized and attested with the help of hypothesis testing in this research. Significance: This study is providing guide and support to organizations and policymakers incorporate entrepreneurial activities at different firms and managerial levels. Furthermore, this research study fills the existing gap by incorporating corporate entrepreneurship (CE) at the organizational level and contributes to the more robust development, understanding and involvement of IT to improve the overall business value.