Impact of Internal Marketing and Human Resource Management to Foster Customer Oriented Behavior among Employees: A Study on Mega Retail Stores in Karachi

  • Sarfaraz Ahmed Shaikh et al., Assistant Professor, Newports Institute of Communication and Economics - Karachi
Keywords: Internal Marketing, Human Resource Management, Customer Services, Front Line Employees


Primal intent to undertake this research work is to adjudicate the stature of mindfulness on Internal Marketing notion among commercial establishments and to comprehend the part of workers/employees (particularly forward-facing or end representatives) for providing exceptional client services. Likewise, the reason or motive for this study is to survey the effect of Internal Marketing Approach and HRM practices for accomplishing management magnificence in terms of service excellence. This examination included utilization of surveys duly completed through a total of 500 persons who had the diversified ethnic, demographic and social class backgrounds. To incorporate and examine the information, SPSS programming was utilized. Information, examination, and consequent near outcomes plainly recommended that if workers are kept well by their management, predominantly through their development, motivation and a long-term retention of such talents, thus making their organization to have the capacity to foster service-oriented culture throughout the organization. Somehow, the idea of internal marketing is still not being executed in the organizations, resulting in poor customer services leading to dissatisfaction. The results of this study may help the retail business heads to comprehend which factors are viewed as critical to cultivate service-oriented behavior for utmost service delivery toward the customer and which factor can be further subjugated for further enhancement of service-oriented behavior.